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About Us
3tech corporate limited

Manufacturer of world class product with the best value of power products and Electrical and Mechanical turnkey solution.


- Headquarter in Hong Kong with manufacturing facility in Dongguan of China and Nigeria

- A strong elite team with best technology know how and experience of implementation all around the world - Over 20 years experience and products cover over 70 countries worldwide - Form strategic partnership with major global conglomerate and enterprises - Holder of various patents and leader of the industry - Leading Hong Kong companies participating in one belt one road


3Tech Corporate Limited was established in 2002, formerly known as 3Tech (HK) Ltd. in 1998. At the beginning, 3Tech was mainly engaged in the supply and after-sales service of diesel generating sets in the Greater China region. Since 2002, we have established a local E&M engineering team in Hong Kong to participate in E&M projects of HKSAR Government, public and private organizations. 3Tech has been actively developing its business in overseas communication industry since 2003, with its own product brand LionRock and Smart Control and Monitoring System OwlEye.


LionRock products have evolved from diesel generating set products to communication base station energy solutions, seamlessly connecting to the burgeoning 5G communication infrastructure. It extends from energy products to edge computing infrastructure products.


OwlEye is the foundation platform for the future IoT. The products are already widely used by different multinational operators around the world.


Our current power energy solutions provide a full range of power equipment that is simple, efficient, reliable and capable of meeting various output capacities for different areas of construction projects, such as power construction or transportation construction applications.

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Customer Ever Said

Mr. Wu has taken all the scope of the project seriously and he had followed the right procedures and steps with his long year of experience to make sure smooth operation of the equipments. And we have also got good feedback so far from our end client. -- GENERAL POWER PLC

Our technical team has also described their appreciation for Mr, wu and they were also able to gather a lot of skill and knowledge, which Mr, Wu is also quite generous to share with our colleagues. -- GENERAL POWER PLC